Advanced level of welding abilities

In the world of steel fabrication and manufacturing, welding remains a critical component of day to day activities. Fabrication and processing projects do not go anywhere without dedicated welding services bringing these projects to life. At PennFab, we pride ourselves on our advanced level of welding abilities we bring to every project.

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PennFab provides our clients with a vast amount of welding knowledge and experience that we have earned across many industries. Our certified welders are versed in dealing with materials of all kinds and provide our clients with expertly-welded final products.

Our team utilizes advanced and efficient welding techniques to get projects done on time and on budget. Among our teams are an array of certified welding inspectors. They ensure the welds’ ongoing in-house quality meets applicable codes and/or specifications.

These CWI-certified individuals help us maintain our high standards of work. Earning a CWI certification is critical for our successful welding quality control program. Our certified welding inspectors take their job very seriously.

Gas Metal Arc Welding

While gas metal arc welding is the AWS designation for the process, we also hear it commonly referred to as “MIG” welding. It is most commonly employed as a semiautomatic process;

however, it is also used in mechanized and automatic applications as well. Therefore, it is very suited for robotic welding applications.

We at PennFab use this process due to the high deposition rates and it is a relatively clean process, primarily due to the fact that there is no flux present.

Flux Core Welding

In PennFab’s quest to become one of the best welding companies in the PA tri-state area, and even reaching out to DC and NY, our team utilizes a variety of techniques to refine our approach. Flux core welding has become one of our most-used methods for our projects.

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Flux core welding is a semi-automatic or automatic arc welding process. This technique shares similarities with gas metal arc welding. Flux core welding utilizes a machine to feed an electrode into the target welded joint continually. It’s a technique that works best with thicker metals due to its superior penetrating strength. FCAW is also ideal for out of position welding.

The flux core technique provides our team with enhanced versatility and mobility that other methods cannot. However, it is not the only welding technique that our team uses during the course of our work.

Sub Arc Welding

Sub arc welding is a common arc welding process. Sub arc welding consists of continuously-fed electrodes to the workpiece. The molten weld and the arc zone are protected from atmospheric contamination by being “submerged” under a blanket of granular flux.

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The benefits of sub arc welding include high deposition rates, readily made strong welds, ability to penetrate deeply and minimal fumes generated.

Alongside PennFab’s welding capabilities, we also offer our clients in Boston, New England, NY, DC and the PA tri-state area a full suite of engineering and fabrication & processing services. By choosing PennFab, you’re getting a team with manufacturing and fabrication experience dating back to 1983; we’ve worked in various industries and bring our expertise to every project.

Are you looking to partner with one of the best welding companies in PA? Even if you are located in Boston and the greater New England area, look no further than PennFab! Contact our team to learn more about our welding capabilities and how we can help take your projects to the next level!


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