May 25, 2021

Improving American Infrastructure Through PennFab’s Manufacturing Capabilities

Whether it’s the roads we drive on, the bridges goods travel across, or the railroad tracks that have transported goods for hundreds of years, American infrastructure has relied on steelwork and fabrication for generations. Having expertly engineered metal enabled America to expand and grow across the country in the early days of our nation. As time moved on, the nation’s infrastructure needs continuously evolving, and across the board, America hasn’t done the best job of keeping up with these changing requirements. As American infrastructure struggles to catch up and improve, having the right steel fabricator working with you on infrastructure projects remains vital to your project’s success. PennFab, Inc aims to be that partner through our robust manufacturing capabilities.

We’ve Been Working on the Railroad

While trains have become less used for commercial travel and transportation, they remain a vital component of transferring goods across the country. Many of these rail lines have been in place and operation since the 1800s; finding ways to maintain their condition has become paramount. Our extensive experience working with trainyards and government agencies means that we know how to build new track sections and install them with minimal disruption to your services. Having a team that can deliver results on time and within budget helps keep infrastructure projects running smoothly and keep the flow of necessary materials going steadily.

Bridge and Road Work

Not all products and materials travel by train; many goods travel via trucks and tractor-trailers across the same roads that we drive every day. They go over the same bridges, change lanes on the same highways, and stop at the same red lights. Keeping these bridges and roads in good working order requires regular maintenance and, in some cases, new metalwork to keep everything running smoothly and secure. Our team of engineers and fabricators work together to figure out the best path forward and get these infrastructure projects completed to the best of our ability.

Improving American Infrastructure For the Better

Taking the time to address ongoing infrastructure challenges and issues needs to be addressed across the board in America. With the right metal manufacturing and fabrication company on your side, you can rest assured knowing that your ongoing infrastructure projects will be handled with the greatest of care. Contact the PennFab team to learn more about how we can help your next infrastructure project today!