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What We Do
PennFab has a vast amount of experience and knowledge in many industries. We are a major supplier to the Railroad and Transportation Industries providing signal bridges, catenary structures, foundations, track material, signal supports, walkways, cable trays, wire ways, handrails, anti-fall equipment, safety railing, ballast retainers, bridge beams, tie bars, bridge bearings, girders and more. Other industries include, material handling, highway and bridges, heat treating, and furnaces, part washers, pollution control, flight and training simulators, water treatment, heat recovery and simulation chambers, stairs, mezzanines, equipment skids and numerous OEM organizations.

Fabrication and Processing

Various Metals and Alloys
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless
  • Nickel Alloy
  • Inconel
  • Aluminum
  • An ultra modern Precision Plasma Cutting System
  • State-of-the-art software allowing for rapid production and short turn around
  • Intricately cut and Plasma Mark material up to 12 ft wide x 26 ft long x 2” thick
  • 2006 Amada 187 Ton x 14 Ft. CNC Press Brake with an accuracy to .004 end to end
  • Punching, beveling, forming, rolling and roll forming of flanges
  • Saw cutting with an Automatic Vertical Band Saw and shearing
  • See equipment and facilities list

Our welders are certified to AWS, ASME, or individual Mill Standards. We have state of the art GMAW, GMAW-P, FCAW, and GTAW, GTAW-P equipment utilizing the latest technology available to provide high quality repetitive welds which will pass Visual and/or NDT testing. Our welders are among the best in the business and quality is paramount. We cut no corners and do whatever it takes to provide the weld integrity required, period, without exception.

Quality Control

We continually work on a day to day basis to and within a wide range of industry Standards and Governing bodies including but not limited to the AWS, AISC, ASTM, ASM, NYDOT, AREMA, MILL-STD, NAAMM, AASHTO, OSHA, etc although we are not AISC certified we of course work closely within the AISC STD’s and could readily meet the criteria of the AISC Certification program and are indeed Qualified/Certified by many individual organizations well above that baseline. Our entire organization is run and monitored by a very practical and efficient Quality Control program. All employees are involved in Quality Control in one fashion or another, and it shows. Our employees are proud and our customers are satisfied. We have not only past the scrutiny of some of the finest agencies and inspectors, but have been complimented for our steadfast performance numerous times. We can provide any level of Quality Control and testing required, both through in house procedures and outside NDT examiners.


Safety is paramount and is always our first order of business, whether it is protecting our employees or assuring that we provide you with a safe and reliable product. Make no mistake about it; nothing will leave our facility if we don’t consider it safe, nor will it be shipped or loaded in an unsafe manner.

Made in the USA

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